$4.95/month for as long
as you host with us!

No hidden fees,
no prepaid contracts,
no bait-and-switch

What Makes It So Simple?

You’ve almost certainly seen ads for hosting companies that advertise unlimited server space, unlimited bandwidth, and all for one low price per month, right?  You may even be using one of those companies now for your webhosting needs.  If so, you already know what we’re about to tell you here.

The low monthly price that is advertised is almost always restricted to prepaying one or (more commonly) two years in advance.  If you want to pay-as-you-go or use some other smaller time period (i.e., quarterly), the rate is higher.  Not only that, but once your introductory period is over, your rate goes up to some other “standard” rate.

And unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth might sound impressive, but many reports from dissatisfied customers indicate that if you host a site that becomes immensely popular, the host will find a way to shut you down, usually implying that your site is not secure or that you have somehow violated their terms of service.

So what makes VerySimpleHosting.com different from those hosts?  For starters, here is our promise to you:

  • $4.95/month is all you will pay — EVER.  There’s no “introductory special” that will end and put you in a higher price structure.
  • You do not need to prepay any length of time to get that rate.  Want to pay every month? It’s $4.95/month.  Want to prepay a full year? It’s $4.95/month.  Want to prepay two years? It’s $4.95/month.  No bait-and-switch here.
  • If our rates ever go up, your rate won’t!  (If our rates ever go down, we’ll gladly give you the lower rate.)  There’s no trick.  No “gotcha”.  You know the amount you’ll be paying for every month that you host your site with us.  Guaranteed!
  • We’re not going to penalize you for having a successful site!  If you happen to require a substantial amount of bandwidth, we’re going to do everything we can to provide that for you.  Our datacenter provides us with a virtually unlimited upgrade path, so we’ll keep adding space and bandwidth as required by our customers.

So, that’s why we think that it’s “very simple” to host with us.  We’ll get you set up and running as quickly as possible and support you along the way in whatever way you need.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, does it?  We don’t think so!