$4.95/month for as long
as you host with us!

No hidden fees,
no prepaid contracts,
no bait-and-switch

The Very Simple Plan (aka What Do I Get?)

Unlike other webhosts, we only have one plan.  Don’t know how much space you need? It’s simple. We’ll provide however little or much you need.  Don’t know how much bandwidth you are going to use (and who really does?!)? It’s simple. We’ll make sure you get what you need.  And with Very Simple Hosting, you’ll never need to worry about whether or not your price will go up.  It never will.  That’s our promise.  Could it be any more simple?

So, what can you expect from Very Simple Hosting?  Our standard plan (appropriately named “Very Simple Plan”) includes the following:

  • as much space as you’ll need
  • hosting of as many domains as you need (domain registration fees are extra)
  • as much bandwidth as your site needs (if needs dramatically increase in a short period of time, there might be a slight delay while servers are upgraded to grow with the needs. But our promise is that we’ll grow with our customers, and hopefully stay ahead of your needs!)
  • simple installation (via Fantastico Deluxe) of over 50 popular software packages including blog systems, Content Management Systems, message boards, site builders, shopping carts, etc.
  • MySQL databases (we’ll let you install as many as you need.  Need more? Just send a request!) with PHPAdmin for working with your databases
  • CPanel software (latest version) allowing you to easily manage your site and account
  • All the email addresses you need
  • SpamAssassin SPAM protection
  • and so much more!

Whether you just want a personal “home page” on the web, want to host a blog, a podcast, or a full business site, we can meet your needs.  And all for the low price of just $4.95/month with no contracts, no large pre-payments, no increase in your price – ever!

Why make it complicated, when it can be so simple?  That’s why we’re Very Simple Hosting!